First Certificate English

Cambridge ESOL’S First Certificate in English is designed for students of Intermediate level, which corresponds to competence level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


The Lingua time preparation course for the Cambridge First Certificate in English includes:

  • 2 group lessons every morning to help students polish their English
  • 1 single private lesson every afternoon to prepare students for the exam


Each student has a personal training program to maximize the learning time.


The certificate is divided into 4 parts:

  • Reading and the use of English (Update 2015)
  • Writing
  • Listen
  • Speak


FCE Sheet 1: Reading and Use of English (Update 2015)

The students are trained to vorentlastet to read what allows significant prediction techniques developed to stimulate interest in various topics, post written and oral reviews, develop reading comprehension and to identify the causes and effects of dates and names as language elements between other , Furthermore, the students reading practice different reading techniques, for example, in detail, the Scimming (to extract the essential information a text), overflight and understanding of a text.


The processing time is 1 hour and 15 minutes, the part is divided into 8 sections:

  • Multiple Choice Cloze
  • Open Cloze
  • Morphology
  • Key Word transformation (synonyms use)
  • Multiple choice
  • Cross text multiple matching (assignment statements of texts)
  • Gapped text (sets a text must be assigned to the right place)
  • Multiple Matching (questions must be assigned to different texts)


Length of the texts: about 2200-2500 words in total



FCE Part 2: Writing

To prepare for this part, the students learn thoughts in a logical order to organize and consider the various contexts and problems. Furthermore, the students improve their spelling and punctuation.

This sheet is normally treated a number of language focus, as advised, for example, apologize, compare, describe, explain, express opinions, justify, persuade, advise and vorschlafen. The students learn how to use these functions.


The processing time is 1 hour and 20 minutes and is divided into 2 parts:

  • Wide tail end essay, 140-190 words
  • Articles, email / letter, Review, 140-190 words



FCE Part 3: Listen

To practice this part, students will become familiar with a huge amount of audio material, which differ in the voices, the accents, the shape and the transmission – this is done so that they learn to recognize accents or listening comprehension while practice of the class discussion.


The processing time for the blade is about 40 minutes and includes 4 parts:

  • Multiple Choice: A series of cut-outs with one or more audio speakers that each lasting about 30 seconds
  • Sentence completion
  • Multiple Matching (questions must be assigned to different texts)
  • Multiple Choice: A 3 or 4 minutes long dialogue between interacting speakers


Each audio recording is listened 2 times and consists of multiple choice questions, sentence completion, and the assignment of phrases – all of which relate to certain audio sequences.



FCE Part 4:

The students learn how to start a conversation, to respond, to speak clearly and to describe themselves in role-playing games, exchanging ideas, opinion, debate and negotiation. These exercises are incorporated in group discussions and personal speaking times, which allows the student to learn how to combine words while speaking.


The processing time is approximately 15 minutes and includes 4 parts:

  • An Interview Part
  • Personal speaking time
  • A joint task / Entertainment
  • A discussion



Test data and Fees:

Test data Deadline for applications
March 7, 2015 January 26, 2015
June 6, 2015 April 20, 2015
August 20, 2015 July 20, 2015
December 12, 2015 October 26, 2015
Test fees
Registration fee € 160
Step 1: Late registration fee € 37 (up to 15 days after the application deadline)
Step 2: Late registration fee € 65 (after the 15th day after the application deadline)


All the leaves are processed the same day, with the exception of the oral part, which is performed before or after the written part.




Course details:

Hours per week 22.5
Timetable(Subject to change) 09: 00-12: 30 and 13: 00-14: 30 or 14: 45-16: 15
Minimum age 18 years
Start of the course Every Monday
Minimum duration 5 weeks
Extra Standard registration / course book
Maximum class size 12/1
Average class size 10-12




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